Help Me Get To Nationals!

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HELP ME GET TO NATIONALS! <—- CLICK HERE to grab a shirt- sales will end July 18!

If you like what you read here, please consider donating to support my travels to Nationals. I’m fundraising to cover lodging and entrance fee, and to help bring my coach out to be the handler for my teammate (Rage Butterfly) and myself (Tenacious Bee).

(Yeah- handler. Think “corner man” and trainer in boxing rather than the horse hostler, but actually, just go with whatever image comes to your mind.)

I will be getting a link up for t-shirts soon (they’re up! click here for your fantsy new shirt), but in the meantime, you can send financial support through Paypal by clicking here.

Also, 10% of the money I raise will go to the RYSE Center in Richmond, CA. This is an awesome grassroots organization that supports youth in Richmond through mental health care, community activism, music and art, and afterschool services.

Thank you! Throw me money, send me love, wish me luck, and use your superpowers to make gravity a little lighter on September 14-15!